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Pavers and Brick Staining and Sealing in Jupiter, Florida

Recoloring Pavers and Brick

Over time, driveways, pathways, steps and patios made from concrete pavers and brick fade, leaving once-beautiful parts of your landscape looking dull and colorless. With our staining services for pavers and brick, you can bring life back into those pathways, walkways and other surfaces. Our staining process allows the original color of the pavers or bricks to shine again. 

Protecting and Restoring Pavers

We also offer to seal your pavers. Sealing your concrete pavers will enhance their color and protect them from water and salt damage as well as erosion and weed growth. Concrete and brick pavers need to be regularly sealed in order to maintain their color and durability.
Our technicians can apply either a sealer that will leave your pavers with a natural look or one that will leave an attractive, glossy look. Whatever your style and preference, we have the tools to maintain your concrete, brick or clay pavers.

Sealing Brick

Like pavers, brick needs to be regularly sealed in order to protect it from moisture. Our technicians use high-quality sealers that will stop water from penetrating your brick structures and protect the natural color of the brick. 

Preparing Your Pavers and Brick

Before sealing or staining your pavers and brick, it’s important to properly prepare them so the sealer will adhere to and penetrate the surface. To do this, we will pressure clean the surface to remove dirt and grease. If your brick or paver has been previously sealed, we will also remove the old sealer to ensure the greatest quality for the new sealer.

Restore Natural Beauty to Your Brick Features

With our sealing and staining service, you can banish the faded colors of your brick and pavers and restore their original beauty and vibrancy. If you are in need of sealing or staining, or if you have any questions about our services, contact us. We will gladly answer your questions and give you a free estimate for your project.