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Parking Lot Maintenance and Striping in Jupiter, Florida

Parking Lot Striping

Having clear lines painted to mark parking stalls, where to stop, go or walk is important to having an easy-to-navigate parking lot. With clear lines, your customers and employees will know where to park and will be able to avoid collisions and other dangers.
If the lines in your parking lot are fading, or if you’re constructing a new building with a parking lot or garage, our painting professionals can help you design a safe parking lot and advise you concerning municipal codes to ensure that your accessible parking spots, fire lanes and more are properly marked and placed.
To ensure your parking stripes don’t fade, we use high-quality, durable striping paint. And with long-lasting, bright paint, your customers will be able to easily use your parking lot for years.

Keeping Your Lot Clean

When a sweeper is unable to remove debris that has adhered to the surface of the lot, you may need professional pressure cleaning. Our team will remove hard-to-clean substances so your parking lot can look spotless and inviting again.
Our pressure cleaning service is also available to remove oils from your parking lot’s surface to help protect the surface and drivers.

Preventative Maintenance

In order to help prevent deterioration, we provide multiple maintenance services for your parking lot needs. 

Seal Coating

Our seal coating on your parking lot will weatherproof the lot and help postpone wear and tear from changes in temperature.

Sealing Cracks

Filling in the cracks in your asphalt parking lot can extend the life span of the lot by years. Our services include applying a tar-based sealant to cracks in your lot.

Begin Your Project

Whether you are a small business or large commercial property, our experienced staff can give you the quality parking lot striping or maintenance service you need. Call us today for a free estimate on your project.