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Out From Under the Hood - Refresh Your Auto Repair Shop

Ratchet Spanner And Sockets In Workshop
As an auto mechanic, your focus is on the cars and trucks in your care. You make them look great and feel like new. But your business's own appearance may suffer as you work hard under the hoods. Here are a few places to make a valuable update to your auto shop's look.

Refresh the Waiting Room

Most customers' primary experience with your shop will occur in the waiting area. How is that experience? Are they sitting on hard chairs, staring at neutral, dirty walls? Are the magazines all from 1997? Is there nothing but old coffee on a folding table?
Freshening up the waiting room doesn't have to cost a fortune. Start with a few coats of fresh paint so the room will look vibrant and clean. Plan a paint scheme that reflects the personality of your business and what you want customers to feel while waiting. Bold colors tend to be more youthful and energetic, while softer and muted shades are more serious and relaxing.
Today's clients expect a better experience while waiting. They want to see your certifications along with photos of the technicians working on their car. You could also offer an outdoor waiting area when the weather is nice.
You could also update your coffee maker and provide a few fresh snacks in addition to (or instead of) vending machine fare. To really set a quality standard, you could rename your shuttle service as a concierge service and offer to take customers to the mall, on an errand, or even to another appointment while they wait.

Build Your Brand

Are customers getting familiar with your brand while waiting for their vehicle? Many small auto repair companies don't put enough value on building their brand within their customer's experience. Your brand is much more than simply your logo. It's the colors, fonts, graphics, mottos, and personality of the business. Your brand should be reflected in all public areas as well as the interactions of your staff with customers and clients.
Where can you build your brand? Start with the waiting room. As mentioned, this is most people's strongest memory of your establishment. So start with a paint scheme that incorporates brand colors. Use one or two walls to paint a bolder accent color from your brand's color scheme. Include a logo mural in good view of waiting customers.
Most shops already have their brand on the exterior of the building, but could you do better? Freshen up the exterior shades so they all look new and clean, and make sure your sign matches your current brand logo and font.

Clean Up the Shop

Take a look around the shop itself. How long has it been since you painted and cleaned the interior? While customers don't spend a lot of time in the shop area, they do see how you work. And your technicians and mechanics have to work in this environment all day long.
Could the shop use a spring cleaning to remove old, unused inventory and aging parts? Is there an organizational system that everyone can easily use to find tools and parts? Do technicians have assigned spaces to keep what they need on hand? Do old overhead doors and a lack of insulation let hot or cold air in and out all day long, making an uncomfortable work area? Update these spaces for better efficiency.
Taking the time to give your auto shop a facelift isn't easy for busy owners and managers. But by sprucing up the waiting area, making your brand memorable, and giving employees a better work space, you will have a happier workplace and happier customers. Start with giving us a call at Ric's Painting and Pressure Cleaning today to begin planning your color updates.